This wine country home in Temecula, Ca is coming along nicely. We are just about wrapped up and ready to move onto the next project.

This kitchen has come a long way from how we first found it. It was a custom home built in beautiful wine country Temecula, Ca. It had a late 80’s kitchen style that needed an update. The owners decided to do a full gut job/kitchen remodel so we took out all the kitchen appliances, counters, upper and lower cabinets, sink, kitchen faucet, under cabinet lighting and decided to remove a soffit and enlarge a window. Oddly enough the kitchen sink and window were not lined up center on the back wall overlooking Danza Del Sol Winery

We brought over a dedicated 220 electrical line for a GE Profile Smart Dual Fuel Range that required a minor modification for the gas line and the additional electrical supply. This is a really nice unit that will provide years use for this kitchen.

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. It’s the place where families gather to cook, eat, and connect. An outdated or inefficient kitchen can put a damper on meals and time spent together. Fortunately, a kitchen remodeling project can completely transform this important room, upgrading functionality, design, and comfort.

As a full-service general contractor, we offer comprehensive kitchen remodeling services to suit any budget and style. Whether you want to replace cabinets, update countertops and backsplashes, reconfigure layouts, or install new appliances, we have the expertise and experience to make your vision a reality.

Start by considering your needs and priorities. Do you need more storage? Better lighting? A larger island? Once you identify your goals, we can provide design suggestions to maximize function and flow. Then we’ll create detailed plans, obtain permits, and order all necessary materials.

During construction, our trained team will handle every step from demolition to installation. We ensure a neat and organized worksite with minimal disruption. We also carefully remove and dispose of old materials properly.

Once the structural work is complete, we finish by installing new fixtures, flooring, and appliances. We thoroughly clean the space before handing over the keys to your brand new kitchen which will be ready for cooking, entertaining, and making memories for years to come.

In the end, a kitchen remodeling project through our company means peace of mind. You get a team of reliable professionals managing the entire process from start to finish, freeing you up to envision your dream kitchen while we make it a reality.

Contact us today to discuss your kitchen remodeling goals. We’ll listen to your needs and budget, then provide recommendations tailored just for you. Let’s transform your kitchen into the heart of your home you’ve always wanted.

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